CloudWave empowers cloud infrastructure and their hosted applications to transparently collaborate to obtain high levels of service at lower costs.

Minimize Cloud infrastructure costs while meeting customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of hosted applications

Find the most efficient way of deploying and maintaining your application in the Cloud with full insight into its performance metrics

Improve the development experience and help tune your application to meet Cloud-based workloads

The video introduces the CloudWave´s value proposition and business benefits for its main users: Application Developers (Dev), Application Operators (Ops) and Cloud Operators (Cloud Ops).

Project Goals

CloudWave aims to significantly increase the competitiveness of the European cloud services industry by introducing breakthrough technologies for developing and deploying high-quality, adaptive cloud applications for a converged IoS/IoT ecosystem.

With CloudWave, service providers will be able to rapidly design and deliver innovative, sustainable digital services for consumers, at low cost and high quality; and service consumers will benefit from higher service availability, quality and dependability across all areas of life – including business, science, leisure activities and government operations.