Invitation for Training Event at ESOCC 2016

Eliot Salant

CloudWave is an FP7 project in cloud management. In this training event, speakers from the project consortium will present not only the main innovations of the project, but will also provide tutorials on some of today's leading cloud computing technologies, such as OpenStack, Docker and New Relic. The event will consist of a mixture of talks and demonstrations.

The vision of CloudWave is a full-stack DevOps approach to the management of cloud systems. CloudWave aligns the goals of application developers, application operators, and infrastructure providers. For cloud operators, the CloudWave model enables more efficient instance management, as application developers collaborate with the cloud provider, for example by offering callable application adaptations to reduce or change resource consumption and by exposing relevant business metrics. With an in-depth knowledge of the application behavior and potential, the cloud infrastructure can now make better decisions on how to modify its configuration to support the application. In return, cloud application developers gain deep insight into the internals of the cloud system, and can hence build and tune their application based on real-time feedback from the cloud.

5th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing where CloudWave project will be presented will be held in Vienna, Austria on 5th – 7th of September, 2016. The upcoming CloudWave Training Event at ESOCC 2016 has now been published on the EU's CORDIS site: