ESOCC Training Session

FCORE: Coordinated Run-time Adaptation of Cloud Applications and Cloud Infrastructure

FCORE uses concepts from dynamic software product lines, in particular feature models, to coordinate the adaptations among cloud applications and the cloud infrastructure. By aligning self-adaptations of cloud applications (SaaS) and cloud infrastructure (IaaS), FCORE is facilitates (1) avoiding conflicting adaptations, and (2) exploiting synergies among adaptations. Thereby, FCORE contributes to improving the operation of adaptive cloud systems.

Managing cloud applications with CloudWave enhanced OpenStack

The live demo covers some relevant aspects of managing and monitoring applications in OpenStack. The presentations given included the main issues related to: the effective management of applications in the cloud infrastructure, an overview of the main OpenStack services from the infrastructure provider and application owner points of view and CloudWave project results with particular regards to monitoring infrastructure and visualization tools.

Feedback Driven Development for Cloud Applications

Owing to the popularity of Continuous Delivery and the increasing adoption of DevOps paradigm, there are a huge amount of cumbersome log information of run-time metrics available in the cloud. Making use of this information to provide useful feedback to the DevOps is known as Feedback Driven Development. In this presentation, we shortly discuss about the POC developed for the Developers and Operators based on Feedback driven Development