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ESOCC 2016 - summary of the training session

Ilona Cieslik

5th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing was held in Vienna, Austria on 5th - 7th of September, 2016. The ESOCC Conference was the premier conference on advances in the state of the art and practice of Service-Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing in Europe. The program of the workshop edition included an opening session with a brief discussion about cloud-focused European projects and the future of ICT in Europe. After the talk, papers were presented and workshops took place.

ATOS team working on the PriceCost Manager

Elena Garrido

Atos, as part of the work on CloudWave project, is developing the PriceCost Manager. It is a system able to calculate and visualize the costs and price from a specific application that has been deployed in a cloud. Multi-tenant applications are deployed in the clouds, therefore, all the system has to be thought in a multi-tenant way. We also want to design a system that is able to handle the cost of several cloud platforms as it has been depicted in Figure attached. The tendency is to have federated cloud and or work with different cloud management platforms.

HRL CloudWave team is leading the Octavia-based Elastic LBaaS for OpenStack clouds

Eliot Salant

IBM Haifa team working on OpenStack networking infrastructure took up the challenge of defining and implementing one of the most important cloud computing features, the lack of which hinders the ability of OpenStack based clouds to succeed in highly competitive cloud providers market. This feature is Elastic Load Balancer as a Service (ELBaaS), a major step forward over the exiting community reference implementation, a highly available active-passive Octavia configuration, available since the Mitaka release.

SAP team working on an industrial use case PoC

Aryan Dadashi

One of very important aspects of each project from the industrial point of view is that how to introduce the use cases and benefits of the project to stakeholders. As an industrial partner of the project, we are working on a proof of concept using CloudWave concepts and artifacts which mimics the main pillars of CloudWave including Execution Analytics (EA), Coordination Adaption (CA) and Feedback Driven Development (FDD).

CloudWave – Training Session during 5th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing

Ilona Cieslik

First version of the programme that will be presented by CloudWave team during the ESOCC Conference has already been announced on the official page of the event. 5th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing will be held in Vienna, Austria on 5th – 7th of September, 2016.