Coordinated Adaption

In the current age of cloud computing, there are situations where we cannot improve application performance by simply adding more hardware, such as for cases where:

  • When we need to do something quickly for the user of our software and sending everything to computers in the data center for processing is going to take too much time (network load).
  • When some of the hardware at the data centerbreaks down, and we have to quickly compensate.
  • When the application’s workload has changed significantly and we need to reconfigure the application to deal with it (workload performance tuning).

In these situations we are doing more than just adding hardware - we are changing the program and its logic to adapt to the new situation. In any given situation there can be many different ways in which the application and its logic can be adapted. Knowing which adaption should we choose, and which will give us the best results are the questions which Coordinated Adaption answers.

Coordinated Adaption takes the multiple ways in which applications can be adapted and combines this with information captured from the creator of the application (the application developer), the hardware upon which the application is running, and the running application itself.

It then automatically selects the best adaption method. This adaptation may be anything from asking the browser or mobile phone to do more work, adding more resources to the cloud application or even restructuring the logic of the application as it runs. CloudWave’s Coordinated Adaption ensures that the application continues to run in the best possible way, no matter what situation it finds itself in.