The CloudWave Framework

The CloudWave Framework allows easy access to 3rd parties wishing to implement their own version of a CloudWave-like system. The Framework provides an aggregate reference to all project produced documentation and publically released software components. To license project components with proprietary licenses, contact:

References to similar, open source alternatives to proprietary components is given where applicable.

I. CloudWave: A Brief Overview

The following demo presents an overview of CloudWave in action in a real-world use case scenario:

I. CloudWave Reference Architecture

The CloudWave architecture is composed of four primary components:

  1. Execution Analytics
  2. Coordinated Adaptation
  3. Feedback Driven Development
  4. Infrastructural Services

The CloudWave High Level Architecture Description document can be downloaded from: D.1.2.3. Architecture and Process Specification: Year 3 Report

III. Component-level Assets

A. Execution Analytics

Execution Analytics improves existing cloud and application monitoring solutions with a holistic approach to metric collection, aggregation and event triggering.

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
EASER Proprietary (IBM) It enables un-structural and structural log analysis as part of CloudWave’s log analysis. It can analyze data coming from multiple resources and generate queries that issue alerts when analyzing logs. IBM Licensable Email: Link
OpenSource substitute of EASER: LogStash 3rd party Open Source Apache 2.0 Link
ESPER 3rd party Open Source Complex Event Processor GNU GPL 2.0 Link
Ceilometer Agent Project-modified 3rd party Open Source Its main role is to collect data coming from the application and to redirect it to the CeiloEsper component. The Agent is able to automatically filter data in order to send only those messages that are really needed by Esper´s rules, thus avoiding useless network congestion. Apache 2.0 Link Link Link
Metrics/Topology Dashboard Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is based on OpenStack Horizon. Allows visualizing in real time monitoring data (bandwidth per VLAN, delay, packet loss, jitter) as well as events coming from the different layers of the CloudWave architecture. Apache 2.0 Link

B. Coordinated Adaptation

Coordinated Adaptation reconfigures the application and infrastructure to efficiently respond to environmental changes during runtime.

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
Hardware Adaptation Engine Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is a plugin that recommends the most appropriate node for an adaptation action (e.g. migration) based on the hardware features existing in the node and the discovered features of the application. Apache 2.0 Link
Risk Analysis Engine IBM Proprietary The Risk Engine is a sub-Adaptation Engine, and is used to evaluate the risk of proposed adaptation solutions based on quantifying how far the new operating environment will be from what has already been tested. IBM Licensable link
Cost Engine Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is used to calculate different financial aspects, including current cost of a cloud application and cost evaluation of potential changes.  Apache 2.0   gitlab link
Migration Target Engine Project-produced/ modified Open Source The migration target engine concludes where to migrate a stressful VM. It identifies the least congested VLAN, and in it, the least congested host. That host will be the target for the VM migration. Apache 2.0 github link
Adaptation Engine Framework Project-produced/ modified Open Source It holds plugins for sub-adaptation engines. Consolidates voting of all sub-adaptation engines into a final recommendation list. Apache 2.0 Link
FCORE Editor Project-produced/ modified Open Source The editor allows developers to provide FCORE models through a GUI. Apache 2.0 github link
FCORE Solver Project-produced/ modified Open Source The solver analyzes the FCORE model and evaluates different adaptation options. Apache 2.0 github link

C. Feedback Driven Developmentt

Feedback Driven Development advances current DevOps solutions with tools and methods for application development based on continuous feedback.

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
Tracer Project-proprietary  - SAP It is an interface for the developer to capture configuration settings. Supported settings are functions to trace, metrics to trace and an execution rule. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Data Analyzer Project-proprietary  - SAP It is a tool set for analyzing data base schema and database content to support improvement of the database and consequently the application. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Test Data Generator Project-proprietary  - SAP It generates test data based on extracted information by the Data Analyzer. SAP Licensable Email: Link
CASPOTT Project-produced/ modified Open Source It enables application behavior analysis of each function by persisting and visualizing the response times, number of calls and number of errors. Apache 2.0 Link
Performance Spotter Project-proprietary  - SAP It enables performance behavior analysis of each function by persisting and visualizing the execution times and number of accesses. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Monitoring Configuration Cockpit Project-proprietary  - SAP It evaluates saved settings and creates a new tracer configuration for a configuration specific tracer. For the execution rules, it evaluates and records tracer state before each run. SAP Licensable Email: Link
Auto Scaler Project-produced/ modified Open Source It receives and analyzes the runtime metrics of an application and based on them scales the application Apache 2.0 Link
Availability Observer Project-proprietary  - SAP It observes the availability of application and in case of an anomaly notifies the DevOps SAP Licensable Email: Link

D. Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services connect between the other components and between the underlying Cloud Platform (e.g. OpenStack).

Asset Owner Purpose License Link
.so Project-produced/ modified Open Source It provides new applications with access to CloudWave functionality, including generated an enactment point, and responding to adaptation requests. It also includes metric and log collection functionality. It will be a part of AppSupportToolkit package. Binary Firmware License Link
Object Model Project-produced/ modified Open Source It is a graph representation of stack deployments. Apache 2.0 Link
Heat++  (events plugin) Project-produced/ modified Open Source Infrastructure orchestration based on coordinated adaptation features. Apache 2.0 Link
RabbitMQ 3rd party Open Source Robust messaging for applications. Mozilla Public License Link
MongoDB 3rd party Open Source A free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database. AGPL v3.0 Link

IV. Component-Level Scientific papers

Scientific Document Describes Link
High Level Architecture High Level Scientific Report: a report presenting the last iteration of CloudWave's architecture, as well as its relation to the state of the art for the project's three pillars of focus for improved cloud IaaS and SaaS offerings: Execution Analytics, Coordinated Adaption and Feedback-driven Development. Link
Infrastructure Services Component-Level Scientific Report: .so, Object Model, OpenStack services (RabbitMQ, Nova, Keystone, Heat), MongoDB, LogStash, Adaptation Engine Framework dashboard, Heat++ (events plugin) Link
Execution Analytics Component-Level Scientific Report: ESPER, Ceilometer, [UniMe probe], Extended Horizon, EASER Link
Coordinated Adaptation Component-Level Scientific Report: Cost Engine, Risk Analysis Engine, Hardware Engine, Adaptation Engine Framework, Link
Feedback Driven Development Component-Level Scientific Report: Test Data Generation, CASPOTT, Mobile Hybrid Applications Anti-Pattern Analysis, Feedback Driven Analysis of Performance Regressions Link