Internet of Things resources in Infrastructure-as-a-Service Clouds

Dr. Francesco Longo

As part of the work on CloudWave's adaptive infrastructure, the University of Messina is working on the possibility to involve Internet of Things resources in Infrastructure-as-a-Service Clouds. The Stack4Things framework has been designed and partially implemented as part of the CloudWave stack.

Stack4Things includes an OpenStack-based service called IoTronic and a IoT node-side probe called Lightning-rod. Both components are implemented as open source projects. Stack4Things helps CloudWave administrators in managing IoT device fleets without caring about their physical location, their network configuration, their underlying technology. It is a horizontal solution providing IoT object virtualization, customization, and orchestration.

IoTronic has been submitted to StackForge, the OpenStack continuous integration system and can be found here:

while the following is the official Stack4Things Web site: