SAP team working on an industrial use case PoC

Aryan Dadashi

One of very important aspects of each project from the industrial point of view is that how to introduce the use cases and benefits of the project to stakeholders. As an industrial partner of the project, we are working on a proof of concept using CloudWave concepts and artifacts which mimics the main pillars of CloudWave including Execution Analytics (EA), Coordination Adaption (CA) and Feedback Driven Development (FDD). We have been designing and developing this PoC on SAP Hana Cloud Platform which let us introduce CloudWave capabilities in a practical way to important cloud platform stakeholders within SAP such as product owners, operators and developers. This PoC is a tool set containing an Availability Data Collector which handles the EA related tasks, a Feedback Generator for handling FDD related activities and an Auto-Scaler which represents the CA.

We have described a use-case scenario as well to illustrate how powerful the concepts of CloudWave are. This scenario together with the mentioned PoC show how the artifacts of FDD, which developed during the first two years, help the developer role and how the artifacts developed in the third year help the operator role to improve the performance of a running application in a cloud environment.